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Labyrinth Meditation Cards

Sturdy "soft touch" cards with a variety of designs for tactile or visual meditation.

Sold individually or as pick-your-own sets. USD $5 per card plus shipping.

4.72" x 4.72"

Heart Spiral square YZC web 500.png
Heart Spiral

Original contemporary design created for a healing arts center in Maine

Orion Nebula YZC web 500.png
Orion Nebula

Spiral-centered Chakra-vyūha design overlaid on Hubble Orion Nebula image

Seven Directions YZC web 500.png
Seven Directions: Original

Original design incorporating seven directions symbolism

Moonlight Muse YZC web 500.png
Moonlight Muse

Custom Hood design featuring phases of the moon on a rippling water background

Renewal Labyrinth front YZC web 500.png
Seven Directions: Renewal

Custom Classical design highlighting the introspection and healing of the West

LNE square back YZC web 500.png
Introduction to Labyrinths​

Included on the back of each card: "The labyrinth is a path of introspection..."

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