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Virtual Labyrinth Garden

Come explore my labyrinth meditation garden in! The labyrinth garden is a virtual public park where you can walk labyrinths, gather with friends, and sit around the campfire with others from the worldwide labyrinth community.​

Explore, Walk, Have Fun! is a social engagement platform that allows you to connect virtually in a more human way. 


Easily move in and out of conversations like you’re in person with Topia’s spatial video.

For more information and a Topia preview video, visit: 

As you explore the landscape, you can have conversations with the people you encounter. As you near another person, their video image pops up and you can have a one-on-one or group conversation as other people join in.

A Topia account is not required to visit this virtual world. You can just go to the URL, type in your name, and enter as a guest. Please note, your video and audio will be activated when you enter. To exit the world, just close your browser tab.

Browsers currently supported by Topia are: Google Chrome, Edge, and Brave on desktop and laptop computers.

Navigating in Topia

When the Preferences box comes up, you can select your Topi avatar color, choose where to display your video square on your screen, etc. When you are ready to enter, click on the Let’s Go button. Your avatar will appear in the center of the world with your name above it.

Use your arrow keys and mouse to navigate the world. Your cursor will change in Topia:

  • Shoe prints = click to walk here

  • Pointing hand over your Topi avatar = sit, dance, or heart

  • Pointing hand over object = click to view interactive element


You can view a World Map by clicking on the globe icon (This World). You can also use your browser’s keyboard shortcuts to change the zoom level in the world itself (Control for Windows, Command for Macs). 75-80% is recommended.

  • Zoom in: Ctrl-Plus (+) or Cmd-Plus (+)

  • Zoom out: Ctrl-Minus (-) or Cmd-Minus (-)

  • Return to 100%: Ctrl-Zero (0) or Cmd-Zero (0)

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