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Services & Products

Please use the contact form for requests and questions about consultation, design, and installation services, educational and introspective events, etc.

Temporary Installations

Indoor and outdoor temporary labyrinth installations customized to fit your space and purpose

Labyrinth Walk Facilitation

Group events including ways to approach a labyrinth walk, labyrinth etiquette, and community building

Permanent Installations

Consultation, design, and installation services customized to fit your space and purpose

Tabletop Labyrinths

Wooden templates for creating labyrinths on tables or sand trays with pebbles or other small items

Labyrinth Workshops

Presentations and hands-on activities, labyrinth history, design, and use, Labyrinths of New England display

Finger Labyrinths​

Labyrinth cards with a variety of traditional and original designs for tactile or visual meditation

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